We’d love to have you join the Olympians in 2017!

This summer over 160 swimmers in the El Paso area joined the Olympians for a summer of teamwork as well as developing their swimming abilities.  More information may be found at the links at the right.

Benefits of Competitive Swimming

  • Swimming has no bench sitters. Competitive swimming is a sport in which there is no bench sitters because all programs are by age group and ability level.

  • Swimming is healthy. Injuries are few and mild. The sport has been shown time and time again to be the best sport for over all conditioning of the body. Swimming provides cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, and increased flexibility.

  • Swimming provides self-discipline. No one can make a person swim. All swimmers must develop an inner sense of discipline to devote themselves to the sport.

  • Swimming is a direct reward system. In swimming, the harder you work, the greater your reward. The time clock is an objective judge of the result. There are no judges with subjective scores, no dependence on the efforts of others; only you and the clock evaluate your effort.

  • Swimming teaches people how to win, how to lose with grace, and how to develop a personal philosophy that will make them long-term successes in life. Swimmers learn to evaluate their efforts, set goals, and achieve. They develop an athlete's mind that says, "I can control my life, and the results of it. If it is to be, it's up to me."

  • Swimming teaches organization. Swimmers have to organize their day to fit in all the life activities they want. They learn to do so, and in so doing, usually become much better students. Swimmers are almost always better students when they are training and competing.

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 Coach Michael Melick
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