Michael Melick - Head Coach

When did you become interested in swimming?
I was recruited to join swim team in 1986 by my swim lessons instructor Dee- who also coached the Olympia swim team- cause they needed 8 and unders to fill a relay. I was last place in those first two relays, but I got some ribbons, so I kept at it and gradually improved over 16 years of competitive swimming.

What are your strengths as a coach?
I have a lot of varied experience in swimming. I swam for small USS club (Olympia Country Swimmers), a large summer rec club (Normal Parks Swimmin Sharks), a high school team and I even swam for my college team at IWU. I also served as a coach for 4 Seasons and Normal Parks before coming to El Paso, so I've been around a lot of different styles of competitive swimming. I have also swam for or worked with over 20 different swim coaches in my life, each with different gifts they bring to the team. With that varied experience I saw a lot of great swimmers and coaches and how they get the best out of each of their swimmers.
My goals as a coach are to get every swimmer excited about improving. That focus on personal improvement translates to every other aspect of life.

When did you become involved with the Olympians?
I was first asked to coach the Olympians in 2007.

What is your favorite part of summer swim team? 
One of my favorite experiences is when a swimmer swims their first IM. Also, anytime swimmers swim massive PRs.

What are some other interesting facts about you that might be fun to know?
 I like St. Louis Cardinals baseball. 
I also coach cross country and track for EPG high school.
I have two kids on the swim team named Waylon and Nellie, and one future swimmer, Knox..